LDR, Maximize Your Face Time

Selasa, 30 November 2010

                                              Missing you…
Being in a long distance relationship means you have limited amount of face-time with your love. While you’d be happy to spend at least 90 percent of those in-the-flesh moments holding, hugging and kissing each other for hours on end in bed, it’s also important that you create experiences during your in-person meet-ups to create experiences that will help deepen all the bonds of your relationship – not just the physical ones. Ultimately those strong emotional connections you forge will help get you through your time apart.
Andrea Woroch, a PR specialist, has been in a long distance relationship for approximately a year. She believes the secret to maintaining a long-distance relationship long term boils down to communication, honesty and availability.
“Sometimes we may have talked too much but we were always able to get a hold of each other, ” says Woroch.  For the better part of their relationship she and her boyfriend lived, respectively, in Vail, CO and Bakersfield, CA. There are no direct flights and, in fact, each of those towns are two hours from the nearest major airports, which made short weekend trips very impractical. “But even if my boyfriend was busy, he’d answer my call and let me know what he was doing and that he’d call me back at a certain time so I wouldn’t sit there wondering. That was definitely helpful!”
Making the most of face time
Although Ms. Woroch has since moved to Santa Barbara to be nearer to her man, she offers these 5 tips to couples in a long distance relationship to make the most of their not-having-sex time together.
1 Try to make alone time away from friends and family.
Although it’s great to have your significant other spend time to get to know the people you love and care about, couples in long distance relationships need to spend some one on one time together to reconnect. Plan a picnic, private dinner or escape to a nearby city where it will just be the two of you with no other distractions.
2 Create lasting memories and plan something exciting for your weekend together.
For instance, try a new activity like mountain biking or go camping. Plan something exciting that you’ll bond over and remember forever.
3 Skype or other video chat is a great way to connect at night.
If you haven’t already, invest time in getting your technology set up so you can have enhanced communication opportunities while you’re apart! It’s great to be able to actually see your significant other while you are talking. Skyping or video chatting will definitely make the distance feel closer.
4 Don’t sweat the small stuff.
You’ve got limited time so forget stupid arguments.
5 Leave love notes to keep your memory lingering in his mind.
Before you have to say good bye to your love, leave a little note under his pillow in his room or hidden in his coat pocket which, when he finally finds it, will always made him smile.

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