10 Ways to celebrate your anniversary

Selasa, 30 November 2010

You romantic! Obviously you’re here because you want to make this upcoming anniversary the most special one yet. You’re going to love these unique and romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary!

#1 Start a garden.
Pick a plant and  fruit for each other, and plant them as a couple. Of course the idea is to take care of each other’s plant which is symbolic for how you will continue to nurture your relationship.
#2 Celebrate her interests
Bite the bullet and watch five of your love’s favorite movies…yes this includes chick flicks!
#3 Make an anniversary play list
Add a song with each consecutive anniversary which you can look back at year after year.
#4 Learn together
Take a cooking class together and then prepare the meal that you learned while in class as a team.
#5 Have a boudoir photo shoot
Take tasteful, yet sexy pictures anniversary pictures for your significant other (that are, of course, photoshopped).
#6 Plan ahead for your together time
Pay a babysitter for the year and depending on your budget, plan a regular weekly or monthly date night. This way you know the sitter is always going to be available at that particular time and it eliminates  any excuse not to go out.
#7 Take it to a new extreme
Surprise her with an extreme adventure together like sky diving, mountain climbing. The endorphin high and the novelty will boost your libidos.
#8 Join the mile-high club
If you’ve got the funds jet to an exotic locale.
#9 Special meals
Hire a chef to prepare a few new meals for the two of you. Bonus: Exotic foods are considered an aphrodisiac!
#10 Jewelry is always special and unique…
And of course….you can always buy her some jewelry which will definitely score you brownie points!

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