LDR, Maximize Your Face Time

Selasa, 30 November 2010

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                                              Missing you…
Being in a long distance relationship means you have limited amount of face-time with your love. While you’d be happy to spend at least 90 percent of those in-the-flesh moments holding, hugging and kissing each other for hours on end in bed, it’s also important that you create experiences during your in-person meet-ups to create experiences that will help deepen all the bonds of your relationship – not just the physical ones. Ultimately those strong emotional connections you forge will help get you through your time apart.
Andrea Woroch, a PR specialist, has been in a long distance relationship for approximately a year. She believes the secret to maintaining a long-distance relationship long term boils down to communication, honesty and availability.
“Sometimes we may have talked too much but we were always able to get a hold of each other, ” says Woroch.  For the better part of their relationship she and her boyfriend lived, respectively, in Vail, CO and Bakersfield, CA. There are no direct flights and, in fact, each of those towns are two hours from the nearest major airports, which made short weekend trips very impractical. “But even if my boyfriend was busy, he’d answer my call and let me know what he was doing and that he’d call me back at a certain time so I wouldn’t sit there wondering. That was definitely helpful!”
Making the most of face time
Although Ms. Woroch has since moved to Santa Barbara to be nearer to her man, she offers these 5 tips to couples in a long distance relationship to make the most of their not-having-sex time together.
1 Try to make alone time away from friends and family.
Although it’s great to have your significant other spend time to get to know the people you love and care about, couples in long distance relationships need to spend some one on one time together to reconnect. Plan a picnic, private dinner or escape to a nearby city where it will just be the two of you with no other distractions.
2 Create lasting memories and plan something exciting for your weekend together.
For instance, try a new activity like mountain biking or go camping. Plan something exciting that you’ll bond over and remember forever.
3 Skype or other video chat is a great way to connect at night.
If you haven’t already, invest time in getting your technology set up so you can have enhanced communication opportunities while you’re apart! It’s great to be able to actually see your significant other while you are talking. Skyping or video chatting will definitely make the distance feel closer.
4 Don’t sweat the small stuff.
You’ve got limited time so forget stupid arguments.
5 Leave love notes to keep your memory lingering in his mind.
Before you have to say good bye to your love, leave a little note under his pillow in his room or hidden in his coat pocket which, when he finally finds it, will always made him smile.


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                 Visit our condoms: effectiveness, history and availability page for a complete history. It will depend on which country you are in, but in most countries you can buy condoms from chemists and supermarkets. Condoms are often available from vending machines in public toilets. In some countries condoms are available free or at low-cost from clinics. They can also be purchased from a variety of websites online.

7 Seduction Tips

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Fantasy vs. reality
You are the type of woman whose imagination inhabits a colorful, racy fantasy world where, stripped of your inhibitions, you’re free to luxuriate in your fantasy life as a seductress. In your wild daydreams you personify  that woman who, with a simple flip of her hair and a come hither gaze, can entrance any man into a state of euphoria.
But in the real world, that sense of adventure and sexual freedom you so freely wield in your fantasies is nonexistent. That lacy teddy your boyfriend bought you for Valentine ’s Day has been sitting in your drawer untouched and still bears its tags. Although you are ready to show your boyfriend this naughtier, more playful aspect of your personality how can you get over your shyness and embarrassment?
Embrace your newbieness – it’s sexy!
A pleasure expert who has studied with the world’s experts and worked with thousands of men and women, teaching them to express themselves with sex and seduction. “Newbie seductresses possess the innocence of a newborn learning to walk and how adorable is that? You can’t help but giggle at the stumbles, the fumbles, the grasping and oh, yeah, the falls!”
According to Dame Lori, the more you approve of and enjoy that shy, virginal, vulnerable, blushing and terrified part of you… the hotter, sexier, cuter and more precious you will be to your man.
“I am not a fan of ‘getting over’ anything in life, I have found it to be more pleasurable when I am in agreement with my shyness and embarrassment,” says Dame Lori. “Celebrate your adorable shyness and the awkwardness of blushing. It will lead the way to having more fun.”
Dame Lori also notes that although seduction is always seen as doing something sexual or naughty, for the most part during the day, it is neither. In fact Dame Lori says she uses it as a serious communication tool all day long  to engage with others.
Seduction is not just about sex
“Seducing my way all day affirms my joy, my lust and my desire to share all of this with the world,” says Dame Lori. “ I practice the art of seduction when I’m loving up my two-year old toy poodle, Lily, and  puppy training her by whispering ‘good girl’ into her ear. I practice the art of seduction when I encourge my eight year old daughter to take a shower by offering a new rose soap. I practice seduction when heating up my marital bed with silly new ideas. I believe seduction is my lifeline to the greater divine universe where fun, pleasure and joy rules – no matter what. And as Bob Dylan says, ‘You got to serve somebody.’ I say why not serve your seduction…whether in shyness or sassiness or both?”
Dame Lori offers these seven ways to seduce your man – in spite of your shyness
#1 Tell him you are shy.
Tell your man that you are terrifyingly shy and you don’t know what to do next. Ask him if he is okay with your shyness. (But don’t worry of course, he is— shyness is an automatic hot seduction tool, trust me!)
#2 Practice being “The Shy Seductress!”
Create a performance based upon the sublime sweetness of shy…fan dancing…scarf twirling…anything that is fun for you. You don’t have to do this in front of your guy…only in front of your mirror!
#3 Use shy props.
Throughout history women have used fans and veils, you can use a shirt, napkin or anything at hand as an absolutely amazing tool to cover your face, your mouth and express your emotions when you are not able to speak!
#4 Write notes to each other
Or letters… or text him for a while until you are ready for a voice-to-voice conversation. These are amazing ways to lead you into taking the next steps that YOU are ready for. Not his steps…yours!
#5 Go out with another seductress who is more skilled than you.
Research and observe firsthand what a great seductress is and how she enjoys taking her pleasure with men. Women require a community of support to play pleasure and practice the expansion and celebration of their sensuality. It’s fun… it pushes and forces you to stretch and use new skills you would otherwise not do solo!
#6 Practice with other men.
This is essential to build our confidence and get us comfortable with standard seduction skills. Use your skilled seductress friends to create pleasurable seductions with your men friends…. a la Cyrano-style.
#7 Ask your guy for some pointers.
When it comes to being a shy seductress, ask him if he could help you create some great shy seductions given your circumstances. Get your guy thinking imaginatively, cooking up some fun scenarios that could be hilariously fun for you two… ask him for 5 or 10 ideas.

Romantic Gestures to Make Her Swoon

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You want to be different
You’ve never been all that skilled when it came to the romance department. In fact, you’ve always felt kind of embarrassed for guys who brought their date a single rose or pontificated about their date’s sparkling blue eyes.
No you’d prefer to do things a little differently, and while you definitely harbor a romantic side you’d rather reveal it without coming off as disingenuous or like all the guys who came before you and subsequently made your date roll her eyes. You want to express your romantic nature with gestures that feel organic and natural, rather than showering your love interest with lines and romantic acts that feel  forced or like they’re lines lifted from a bad B-date movie.
Women do want romance
Author of Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker it’s important for a guy to show a woman his romantic side since so many women believe guys seem to have commitment issues.
“A woman wants to be shown that a man cares and  that he’s a protector. Even though women are tough and working as CEO’s of companies and doctors and lawyers, they still have that dream of Prince Charming riding up on the horse and showering her with love and affection and having that fairy tale romance,“ says Martenson. Martenson believes the lack of romance in a relationship can seriously affect a couple’s emotional intimacy, sex life and friendship. A relationship simply cannot grow and thrive without it.
Romance is THE vital spark
“Without romance a relationship gets stale, boring and unexciting,” notes Martenson. “Both partners may eventually start looking outside the relationship to find that special spark, and that’s the beginning of the end. By reinforcing that you care about the other person, that your relationship is worth the effort, it will helps you live in the now and enjoy each moment of time spent together.”
Just don’t be cheesy about it
Romantic gestures that are considered “cheesy” tend to show that the guy is not sincere. He is relying on old, outdated or cliché gestures that prove he has no imagination, creativity, or sensitivity of his own and is just throwing things against the wall, hoping something will stick.  According to Martenson  the best romantic gestures are ones  that demonstrate  that a man isn’t  afraid of being a gentleman and is more than willing to  be chivalrous. “In our modern times of women being equal to men, a woman still wants to be treated like a lady, protected and cherished,” says Martenson.  “If  a guy shows his caring, yet manly side to her, the combo will surely win her over.”
5 romantic gestures that aren’t cheesy
#1 Pay attention to what she likes and enjoys.
I know a woman who felt like a princess when after a long day at work as a dental hygienist, her boyfriend would hand her a chilled glass of her favorite chardonnay the minute she walked in the door.  Another woman was addicted to lip gloss, one day she noticed that her finance had bought her a cherry lip gloss and set it on the night stand on her side of the bed.
#2 Call her during the day to check in.
She will feel secure and love that you are thinking about her.
#3 Be nice to her pet.
Bring a treat or a toy for her dog or cat, which she most likely considers her child, and you will score big points.
#4 Listen when she talks.
Most men subscribe to the idea that women talk too much, so they often tune out. Really try to listen and show that what she has to say matters.
#5 Brag about how beautiful and intelligent she is in front of your friends.
Let them know how lucky you are to be with such a treasure.

10 Ways to celebrate your anniversary

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You romantic! Obviously you’re here because you want to make this upcoming anniversary the most special one yet. You’re going to love these unique and romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary!

#1 Start a garden.
Pick a plant and  fruit for each other, and plant them as a couple. Of course the idea is to take care of each other’s plant which is symbolic for how you will continue to nurture your relationship.
#2 Celebrate her interests
Bite the bullet and watch five of your love’s favorite movies…yes this includes chick flicks!
#3 Make an anniversary play list
Add a song with each consecutive anniversary which you can look back at year after year.
#4 Learn together
Take a cooking class together and then prepare the meal that you learned while in class as a team.
#5 Have a boudoir photo shoot
Take tasteful, yet sexy pictures anniversary pictures for your significant other (that are, of course, photoshopped).
#6 Plan ahead for your together time
Pay a babysitter for the year and depending on your budget, plan a regular weekly or monthly date night. This way you know the sitter is always going to be available at that particular time and it eliminates  any excuse not to go out.
#7 Take it to a new extreme
Surprise her with an extreme adventure together like sky diving, mountain climbing. The endorphin high and the novelty will boost your libidos.
#8 Join the mile-high club
If you’ve got the funds jet to an exotic locale.
#9 Special meals
Hire a chef to prepare a few new meals for the two of you. Bonus: Exotic foods are considered an aphrodisiac!
#10 Jewelry is always special and unique…
And of course….you can always buy her some jewelry which will definitely score you brownie points!

TUHAN TIDAK SEJAHAT ITU ((god is not that bad))

Sabtu, 06 November 2010

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Sekarang sedang di kabarkan merapi mau mencapai radius 60 km ...banyak berita meliputnya .. tetapi saya cuma ketawa melihatnya :D hahahaha.... apalagi ada salah satu acara TV swasta yang gencar membesar - besarkan acaranya untuk menaikkan rating mereka dengan mengulas secara tajam selama 30 menit. Sampai - sampai orang yang melihat dan mendengarkan cerita itu merasa was-was dan takut. wajar dan sangat menusiawi bila perasa'an itu muncul. Hem... Yap benar, dosa kita dah mulai banyak dan Harus segera bertobatlah . Minim yang g pernah sholat bagi yang muslim ya agak di rajinkan sholatnya, bagi yang Kristiani biasanya hanya NAPAS aja alias NATAL PASKAH aja pergi ke gerejanya ya sekarang tiap minggu wajib ke gereja, sukur2 ikut misa harian , itu lebih bagus, bagi yang hindhu budha juga selalu beribadah sesuai agama masing masing, amal ibadah kita di pertebal, hidup bukan cuma untuk Update status akun-akun jejaring sosial saja sampai sampai lupa bersosialisasi yang sebenarnya. Bahkan Ubdate status gak jelas gitu, Hem...jangan kayak temen kos saya yang kalo dah ngadep layar HP n PC yang bisa untuk ngenet dah kayak orang autis segala, di tanyain apa gitu sampai gak nyambung (jangan ditiru gan). Ya Intinya bencana-bencana ini cuma mengingatkan kita saja Bro, kita banyak lalai dan lebih suka ma kehidupan duniawi yang semakin asik dan membuat kita merasa nyaman, Ingat !!! itu semua karya TUHAN, kita patut bersyukur dan berterima kasih padaNYA :) jangan lupa Bro. Tuhan Tidak Sejahat Itu seperti di gambarkan dan di ceritakan di berita2 terkini khususnya tentang merapi yang akan meluluh lantahkan yogya dan jawatengah...hem ... santai aja nikmati aja n tetep percaya bahwa Tuhan akan Memberi jalan terbaik bagi kita. AMIN