Romantic Gestures to Make Her Swoon

Selasa, 30 November 2010

You want to be different
You’ve never been all that skilled when it came to the romance department. In fact, you’ve always felt kind of embarrassed for guys who brought their date a single rose or pontificated about their date’s sparkling blue eyes.
No you’d prefer to do things a little differently, and while you definitely harbor a romantic side you’d rather reveal it without coming off as disingenuous or like all the guys who came before you and subsequently made your date roll her eyes. You want to express your romantic nature with gestures that feel organic and natural, rather than showering your love interest with lines and romantic acts that feel  forced or like they’re lines lifted from a bad B-date movie.
Women do want romance
Author of Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker it’s important for a guy to show a woman his romantic side since so many women believe guys seem to have commitment issues.
“A woman wants to be shown that a man cares and  that he’s a protector. Even though women are tough and working as CEO’s of companies and doctors and lawyers, they still have that dream of Prince Charming riding up on the horse and showering her with love and affection and having that fairy tale romance,“ says Martenson. Martenson believes the lack of romance in a relationship can seriously affect a couple’s emotional intimacy, sex life and friendship. A relationship simply cannot grow and thrive without it.
Romance is THE vital spark
“Without romance a relationship gets stale, boring and unexciting,” notes Martenson. “Both partners may eventually start looking outside the relationship to find that special spark, and that’s the beginning of the end. By reinforcing that you care about the other person, that your relationship is worth the effort, it will helps you live in the now and enjoy each moment of time spent together.”
Just don’t be cheesy about it
Romantic gestures that are considered “cheesy” tend to show that the guy is not sincere. He is relying on old, outdated or cliché gestures that prove he has no imagination, creativity, or sensitivity of his own and is just throwing things against the wall, hoping something will stick.  According to Martenson  the best romantic gestures are ones  that demonstrate  that a man isn’t  afraid of being a gentleman and is more than willing to  be chivalrous. “In our modern times of women being equal to men, a woman still wants to be treated like a lady, protected and cherished,” says Martenson.  “If  a guy shows his caring, yet manly side to her, the combo will surely win her over.”
5 romantic gestures that aren’t cheesy
#1 Pay attention to what she likes and enjoys.
I know a woman who felt like a princess when after a long day at work as a dental hygienist, her boyfriend would hand her a chilled glass of her favorite chardonnay the minute she walked in the door.  Another woman was addicted to lip gloss, one day she noticed that her finance had bought her a cherry lip gloss and set it on the night stand on her side of the bed.
#2 Call her during the day to check in.
She will feel secure and love that you are thinking about her.
#3 Be nice to her pet.
Bring a treat or a toy for her dog or cat, which she most likely considers her child, and you will score big points.
#4 Listen when she talks.
Most men subscribe to the idea that women talk too much, so they often tune out. Really try to listen and show that what she has to say matters.
#5 Brag about how beautiful and intelligent she is in front of your friends.
Let them know how lucky you are to be with such a treasure.

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