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Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Many of us are experiencing problems in raising a healthy weight. Ideal body weight can be increased by increasing muscle mass, not body fat. Many are often wrong sense by increasing the weight means to increase the amount of fat. Besides the way it is the wrong way, the way it is also very unhealthy because fat increases means we consume more energy than we need for our activities.
Usually after trying for months, eating as much as possible, exercise fitness 'said he' already heavy but still has not produced results at all, we're getting desperate and said if our lean body is genetic or is fate. If in 2-3 weeks there has been no result, SURE there is something wrong.
Please check the tips below for 2-3 weeks for an up-and-ride muscle blm:
1. Have we eat 5-6x a day, portions, and reducing junk food? Eating junk food not only adds unhealthy fats but also can slow metabolism makes the body can not work in a healthy manner.
2. Eating carbs and protein after your workout DIRECT. This is needed to replace muscle glycogen or sugar in the empty when we exercise. And protein needed by the muscles that we just 'broken' with heavy exercise.
3. Eat real food (not supplements) MAX 1 h after exercise
4. Take a multivitamin (which would make it mandatory add weight, because of vitamin B in particular, it helps to digest the nutrients we eat. It would be useless to eat plenty of food but our body can not digest it well).
5. Weight training is NOT EXCEED 1 hour. And reduce your cardio. Exercise more than 1 hour will waste your calories. You still need calories to build your muscles.
6. Not train the same muscle more than 2x a week
7. It followed the 9-12 sets per muscle per session. Do not train the chest muscles with all the equipment at the gym with the assumption that the more complete the better. Use only 3-4 tool each about 3-4 sets and use the basic compound movements only. No Isolation Movement.
8. 6-8 reps is a must, must not be up to 12 reps. 6-8 reps tuh been failure.
9. Use negative reps. After the failure, assisted by a friend / spotter to lift, and we hold to the decline. Vary these negative reps for 2-3 weeks.
10. Already using High Intensity Training for weight training. Which means, short break between sets, about 1.5 - 2 minutes. And lift weights as heavy as possible. Example: create a high around 160-165, jgn say 10kg bench press left and right are severe. As it will not be able to increase your muscle mass. Pursue a minimum target of 25-30kg left and right. If blm capable, raise perlahan2 each week until you are able, if necessary, get help from friends.

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