Beauty of KETEB PASS

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Location Ketep Pass not far from the central town of Magelang, only around 25 km only. If moving from Magelang, about 10 km south on the left path, you'll see a big crossroad named Blabak, berbeloklah to the left and follow the highway, to less than distance of 16 km with tracks that are increasingly narrow, winding and uphill. But do not worry, road conditions have been very well until it is safe to go through any type of vehicle. You also do not have to worry about getting lost, clues to the direction of the object Ketep Pass has installed large by Magelang regency.
KPass etep inaugurated on October 17, 2002 by President Megawati as one of the supporting tour route SOSEBO or Solo Borobudur Selo. Initial function Ketep Pass are viewing post, given its location that is very fitting to see the range of mountains which became "mahagelang" for Magelang. From this place, so near Merapi seen from the reach of the hand, coupled with Merbabu. Both seemed to complement each other and illustrate the existence of equilibrium, where Merapi always bubbling with its activity, while Merbabu quiet and peaceful with lush forests. In addition, Sumbing,
Sindoro and Menoreh also look graceful from this Ketep hill, while in the middle lies the green valley of Magelang and marked with a small hill named Tidar.

Over time, Ketep Pass continues to clean up, not only a reliable view post it here. Central Java Provincial Government to build a facility that is named Volcano Theatre, a theatrical film about the history and travel activity of Mount Merapi, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Then, there are also facilities binoculars tool that can be used by visitors
to observe the peak of Merapi, is not free, but the rent is not too expensive.
A Museum of rock specimens and photographs were found in the Merapi area Ketep Pass. Inside, visitors can get interesting information about kegunungapian. Interestingly, at the top tourist attraction, there is an open space called the Court of Panca Arga. In this courtyard, you can set yourself up at 5 peaks (Merapi, Merbabu, Cleft, Sindoro and Slamet) and know exactly how much height. Even if the weather support, you can observe yourself these five mountains, including Mount Slamet, the highest mountain in Central Java, which was situated so far from Magelang District.
Tired of traveling? Please enjoy roasted corn provided a lot of traders in the surrounding object view post this. Do not worry when you need a small room or rooms, are all available and feasible for use. Two things I need to suggest, first, visit to Ketep Pass in the morning, because that's the best time to look at the pride and elegance of Merapi. In the morning, yet a lot of fog and cloudthat covered the views you enjoy " bleger"Merapi . Second, if you are not familiar with cold weather, bring a jacket to warm the body, because the temperature in Ketep Pass enough to sting the skin with a cold.

Oh yes, if there is excess time, continue the journey to the waterfall Kedung Kayang and Sentry Pandang Selo is located not far from Ketep Pass. No less beautiful. Only, you must persist strong self-walking, because the location of waterfalls Kedung Kayang could not be reached by vehicles, even motorcycles.

That's it. Once visited, I'm sure you'll want to come back. Aura Merapi will force you to feel longing looked at again.

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ReBorn mengatakan...

maaf baru berkunjung sekarang.
sayang sekali merapi lagi berapi. gue cuma bisa berdoa untuk masyarakat sana.
salam kenal ya. :)

Boni Kusuma mengatakan...

oke broooo...tengs dah mampir..lets pray for jogja n Indonesia, sekarang keteb tak seindah ini

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