Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Solo was crowded with a variety of people with strange tastes. Let alone dicelupin charcoal embers into the steeping coffee, cocoa powder is brewed with ginger water plus rice tape was commonly ordered visitors. "Wedangan" designation for the tavern fivefoot (sidewalk) that sell various kinds of hot and cold drinks.

In Solo, ni ginian tavern called Wedangan. In Yogya, the name with another: this famous cowboy or stall. Same trademark, the seller uses the wheelbarrow. A third section is used for furnace penjerang water, others to hold a variety of snacks and rice are known as catrice (sego cat) hahaha.

    Generally, the seller plays as a center and surrounded by customers who sat on a bench around the seller in two or three sides of the wagon that serves as a table. The seller, typically provides a number of mats, which are typically held in several places in the vicinity, according to taste visitors.

   For those who want mojok because they want to spend the night with girlfriend or on the ground of want to keep your privacy, they chose a slightly bia Kiwa or away from pusatalias njereng Class (title mat).

   That atmosphere Wedangan. People come up with reasons and their own agenda. Transaction can be done in places like this, politicians are also regular talks took place in an atmosphere Wedangan. Sometimes, people come just simply fill the stomach and then go home. There is also a welcome to stay all night, drinking glasses wedang.

   Among hundreds of place Wedangan who scattered all over and the corners of the village, Mr. Donat Wedangan located in Jl.KH Maskhur aka UNS KENTINGAN deket asylum. Ni is Wedangan faforit me, besides rice more than most existing Wedangan, where I also could owe he .. he .. he, because Wedangan is located right in front of my dorm, so if ya eat there again broke he .. he .. he. If da ya want to come aja nyobain guaranteed satisfaction, there is my favorite menu sego cat, lear satay made from starch that tastes like satay real but not material from meat, eating kebabs called sate lear aka bo'ong:), and ice tea.

   Speaking of tea, lu must remember one thing, especially when choosing a place Wedangan random random alias. Do not forget to mention the dose of sugar and the level of consistency. Most sellers known to splurge for the sugar business. Two tablespoons is the standard dose, so that when stirred would highlight the excessive sweetness.

   If only ordering hot tea, we can be sure you will be served sweet tea, fresh tea unless stated demand (in contrast to in Jakarta or Bandung, which is always given fresh tea if you do not put forward a request from the beginning).

    Unlike the majority of stalls in Jakarta who wants practical all with tea bags, most vendors in Solo have different ingredients. Usually, two or more brands of tea are mixed to create a special formula. Therefore, it will be different in each Wedangan. Perhaps, it also makes people always miss wedang sipping tea outside the house.

   curious? aja come n bring enough money and limit your liking:) warm greetings kusuma boni.

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